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"Venerable Shri Baba Dittu Ji" is the ultimate Guru of the Gadia samaaj. He is believed to be the protector, the preserver, the very guardian of the Gadia clan. He continues to be the guiding light behind the Gadia gotra and this eternal association between Baba Dittu Ji and the Gadia Samaaj is at the very crux of the Gadia faith. His image resides in the heart of every member of the Gadia family and our loyalty to Baba Ji is absolute and supreme in nature. Our hands fold and our heads bow down in devotion to Baba Dittu Ji. This faith, this conviction, this belief in Baba Dittu Ji is unequivocal and ceaseless in every member of the Gadia clan.

To this date, whenever someone in the family embarks on a journey, he/she makes it a point to remember Baba Ji in his heart for a safe and successful journey. Any festival, any auspicious event starts with remembering and meditating on Baba Dittu Ji. Remembering Baba Ji during birth ceremonies and wedding ceremonies is a tradition which has become a part of the Gadia way of life. In case of any trouble, any danger, Baba Dittu Ji is considered to be our ultimate savior. It is believed that when a person is under his divine blessing, nothing can go wrong.


Many times, we do come across such events which are beyond the scope of human explanation. We can either call them super-natural or simply inexplicable. But these are the moments when we realize that there really is some force which spans beyond our definition of the laws of nature. They take us to a new dimension of super-consciousness and convince us to believe in something that we don’t explicitly see. Shri Baba Dittu Ji has that power, that divine enigma to make us believe in those mystical connotations which we would ordinarily consider impossible. He has demonstrated his heavenly presence on many occasions, which break all shackles of disbelief. His image transcends all barriers of human imagination.

I do take pride in being an educated, rational individual, but there are many stories which go beyond at least my purview of explanation. There are many stories that I have heard from my family about the divine grace of Shri Baba Dittu Ji, which defy logic, but are true!